Its Me...Satendra. his is my personal little Galaxy on the net, that attempts to describe, hopefully in an interesting way, my life -- Past, Present and Future (projected of course!); My interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes, my family and friends. In short, a mini window that allows you to peek into me as a person.

As you visit the various planets of this Galaxy, my hope is they, at times, will make you jump through hoops and do mental gymnastics, but which, I might add, will, with the passage of time, continue to grow upon you slowly like a creeping insatiable desire and amuse you, enthrall you, nay encompass your very being, so much so that you will actually begin to enjoy the experience! The crisp, chunky and chewy little morsels in which I will apportion you my life's story will hopefully keep your mental taste-buds excited and yearning for more.

Just Click on the links given below to visit the various Planets of this Galaxy...And feel free to mail me if you have any suggestions or comments. I would love to listen to you and share my ideas.

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